Thursday, April 21, 2011

Forbidden Sea

The Forbidden Sea by Sheila Nielson
Here's the what it says on the inside cover:

When, one stormy night, a mermaid comes to take Adrianne Keynnman's sister, Cecily, down to the depths of the sea, Adrianne knows she must fight with every ounce of her strength to protect her little sister. On land, Adrianne toils away, trying to eke out a living for her mother, sister and aunt, after a tragic accident stole her father. Now, life takes a strange and frightening turn as Adrianne's dreams are filled with the mermaids singing.
When it becomes clear that it isn't Cecily that the mermaid wants, Adrianne wonders how she can protect her family from their superstitious island community as the mermaid attempts to lure her into the sea, night and day.
In this powerful tale of heartache and redemption, a girl born on land must choose between the promise of an underwater paradise and her loyalty to those she loves.

Now here's the first few lines of the book:

Pelting rain battered against me, stinging my skin and eyes, almost driving me backwards, Forcing myself to continue, I felt my way down the slick rock face one foot at a time. I clung to the cliff face a moment, crying into the dark squall raging around me.
"Cecily! It's Adrianne. Can you hear me?" The force of the storm shoved the words back into my mouth, the desperate cry lost in the roaring of the wind. Had she been even a few feet away, my little sister wouldn't have heard me.
Hot frustration burned at my eyes and mingled with the freezing rain. Crying wouldn't do Cecily any good. Neither would huddling against the side of a rock, shivering in my soaked and clinging dress. I needed to find her. Forcing my frozen fingers to uncurl, I began my descent once more.

I loved this book. When I first got my hands on it, I couldn't put it down, and read the entire day. It is a very captivating story that kept my interest up. I would highly recommend this book to all fantasy lovers.

My rating:
5 out of 5 stars

Profanity: None
Sexuality: None
Drugs and Alcohol: None
Violence: Mild

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