Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Author Signing

Hey all! Happy Valentines Weekend.
The Literati went to meet author Bree Despain at her signing at a local Barnes and Noble. We have had the fun opportunity of being part of her 'Underground Street Team' just before and after her debut novel, The Dark Divine, came out in December. It's a fabulous paranormal romance. (Read our review here.)

It was very exciting to meet this author we'd done so much work with and to hear her read from the book. We gave her some presents and some 'twisted valentines': letters from Twilight characters to her characters and from her characters to her. We had a blast writing these quirky valentines and going over the top on the smoochiness, but they quickly turned a little creepy. :) She's posted a picture of all of us who could attend as well as links to some of the letters we wrote. Feel free to visit her blog and check it out!

One of our favorite poems:
from Edward Cullen to Grace Divine

Roses are red,
You're veins are blue;
I'll slit my wrists
If I can't be with you.

P.S. What characters would you like to see write letters to one another? (The Literati girls always love a good writing challenge; maybe we'll try our hand at some!)


  1. Oh my goodness! You all are so creative and fun. I bet that was an amazing experience!

  2. It was a lot of fun! Afterward we all huddled in the B&N Cafe, chatting about our writing, books we've read, etc.